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Our objective is to turn halal tourism into a brand

Halal Tours & Services means that all the listed properties, Food and services are selected with the Muslim traveller and Muslim Host in mind.

They all offer 100% halal food, non-alcoholic drinks, non-smoking areas, private pools and spas, prayer facilities on site, Muslim travel guides, mosques and halal restaurant GPS locators.

This is for travelling men, women, families, business or solo travellers.

We believe that through travel, Muslims are able to travel and show the world that besides holding on to our faith, there’s a whole lot of similarities between us, and that in our differences lie many things to be learned from one another.

For stays of various lengths – a weekend break through to a long term let – in varied accommodations; houses, rooms, apartments or villas. Hosts rent out their properties to travellers in harmony with their values and beliefs. Guests enjoy the host’s home as if it were a place like home


Why Halalweb,

As the report from amadeus suggested as below.


Maximising trip value
Halal seekers plan their trip to maximize ‘cultural return on investment’.

  • Halal travellers often adopt a hyper-planning holiday mode
  • Women have real influence in the travel experience
  • Travellers are more motivated to use agents for complex trips
  • Halal travellers like packages, but find them basic and inflexible

Relevant Accommodation
Halal travellers want to choose Halal-friendly accommodation that gives them freedom.

  • Apartments or chain hotels are preferred by Halal travellers
  • Many hotels currently fail to meet prayer and dining requirements
  • Hotels and resorts must support travellers’ ‘cultural comfort’
  • Women struggle to find relevant hotel facilities

Family-friendly destinations
At their destination, halal travellers want to explore within their comfort zone.

  • Halal travellers have specific activity and excursion needs: in relation to transportation, praying facilities or dining
  • Limited dining options are an issue for halal travellers: they want to have dining alternatives. Some want high end or gourmet options. Others want to be able to experience local cuisine in a Halal way.
  • Halal travellers have special transportation needs at their destination: Private drivers in particular appeal to husbands who are sometimes concerned about not looking an ‘expert’ in a country and a private driver helps avoid this.
  • Additional destination services are motivating to Halal travellers.

Other findings point to the influential role of women in the travel decision process, planning and some of the logistics; halal travelers wish to discover and unlock untapped destinations and a clear differentiation in travel preferences, depending on their kind of profile: Comfort, Explorer, Core Family, Extended Family, Deal-Seeker, and Simplicity-Seeker.

Since halal travellers frequently originate from the Middle Eastern region, there is a premium placed on human interaction, and travel agencies and tour operators and consultants play a key role in supporting the travel planning. The halal travellers’ motives and context need to be understood to create the right travel package, and this is particularly relevant when planning complex multi-destination trips. There is a clear preference for booking all travel, tours, and accommodation in advance, as families and groups do not favour the uncertainty of unplanned trips.

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